How we choose contractors

We publicise future contracts over £10,000 (with few exceptions) on the Kent Business Portal.

If you are interested in this work and would like to express an interest you must do this by expressing your interest against the appropriate advert via this website. 

Contractors for work that is less than £10,000 are identified by us.

Local small and medium sized enterprises

We do not award individual contracts to companies where the value of the contract exceeds 25% of their annual turnover. 

Whilst we do not give undue favour, local businesses have a vested interest in the success of our contracts since they themselves are ratepayers and often residents of the district.

Environmental issues

We're committed to a green agenda and will always seek to implement policies that help the environment. We will always seek to reuse existing supplies before procurement is considered. More information on environmental rules can be found with each contract opportunity, advertised on the Kent Business Portal

EU procurement rules

EU directives govern contracts above a certain threshold which is reviewed twice a year. The current thresholds are:

  • Supplies:  £173,934
  • Services:  £173,934
  • Works:  £4,348,350

To know if the value of your tender falls under the EU directives you can use one of the following formulas:

  • Calculate the total value of the project including all costs over the period of works.
  • Multiply your annual costs of the project by 4.
  • Multiply your monthly cost by 48.
  • Include any extension periods included as part of the contract terms.

Please see our adverts on the Kent Business Portal for information on individual contracts.


With all of our contracts we use our equalities policy as a guideline, in particular emphasising equality of opportunities in awarding contracts. 

Other terms and conditions for contractors

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