Busking and street entertainment

Street entertainers and buskers do not need a licence but we have a voluntary code of conduct to help you observe the law on noise and obstruction. 

Most importantly: 

  • Performances should not be directed 'at' specific premises.
  • Be considerate about volume. We prefer acoustic.
  • Try not to be repetitive. Go for an hour at a time only. Louder performances should be shorter.
  • Performances must end by 9pm.
  • If you're likely to draw a large crowd, for example if you're an acrobat, then think about where you're less likely to cause congestion.
  • Don't obstruct shop fire exits.
  • Don't use street property as a prop; for example, fixing a rope to a tree.
  • You take full responsibility for your performance. This means it's a good idea to get Public Liability insurance.

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