Concession stands

What is a concession?

A concession is a licence to trade in an open public space that is owned by us. It usually refers to lone sites in parks and gardens. Concessions do not cover licences to trade on the highway, ice cream vans or street trading

Concessions include activities such as tennis or trampolining, as well as catering opportunities.

Concessions based in a building are usually leased for a number of years whilst others such as mobile units are flexible, can operate anywhere within an agreed area and will be reviewed annually.

What is available? 

Applications are now open for the 2017 Concessions Cycle. The deadline date for applications to be received is Friday 3 February 2017.

The full list of concessions can be found on the Vacant and Occupied Concessions document.

The following concessions are now available to apply for, and will be vacant from April 2017:


  • Westgate Gardens ice cream bicycle - a walking route for a mobile bike to sell ice creams and drinks 
  • Exercise in the Park – space provided for exercise classes to take place in Victoria Recreation Ground

Herne Bay

  • Hampton Pier Avenue catering/ice cream concession (adjacent to play area) - space provided for a mobile catering concession to be positioned adjacent to the play area 
  • Herne Bay seafront beach children's amusements (opposite Pier Avenue) – space for children’s amusements
  • Herne Bay sea front ice cream bicycle - a walking route for a mobile bike to sell ice creams and drinks between Hampton Pier and Lane End Roundabout, along the Spa Esplanade
  • War Memorial Park catering/ice cream concession
  • Exercise in the Park – space provided for exercise classes to take place in the open spaces between the Kings Hall and Reculver


  • Exercise in the Park – space provided for exercise classes to take place on Tankerton Slopes
  • St Anne's Kiosk (opposite Tennis courts), Tankerton – a kiosk provided for refreshments to be sold
  • Swalecliffe skate park, Whitstable - space provided for a mobile catering unit to be positioned on the site 
  • Reeves Beach catering/ice cream concession - space provided for a small refreshments unit to be positioned on site 

How do I apply?

You can tender for any available concessions not currently occupied. 

Apply for a concession 

The annual cycle, for awarding and running concessions in our local district, is outlined on our Concessions Annual Cycle flowchart.

The process for scoring tenders is explained in our scoring system guide. Vendors wishing to sell food must also register with Environmental Health.

View concessions on our map

If you are interested in a site which is not included on the list of concessions but you think would be a good location for one, you can submit an expression of interest form. Please be aware this process could take a considerable amount of time to be approved and approval is not guaranteed.

Tendering for a site

For your information, the full tender process is as follows:

  • Submit a concession tender form by the required date,
  • The concessions group (a group of officers from various departments) will score the received tenders against each other using the scoring system,
  • The highest scorer will be notified and offered a legal agreement; others will be notified that they were not successful,
  • Terms will be agreed and finalised, then a written agreement will be drafted by us and signed by both parties, and finally
  • The concession will begin on the applicable start date.

All agreements are subject to a one-off administration fee of £150, payable upon signing the legal agreement. This fee is only payable by successful tenders and is not required upfront upon submission. 

The concessionaire will also be responsible for all additional charges including, where available, arrangement of a Trade Waste Agreement for disposal of waste and any utilities.

Expressions of interest are subject to a non-refundable, upfront cost of £50 which must be paid before the application will be considered.

Agreements are typically granted for one year but may be extended for a period of up to three consecutive years or seasons before being re-tendered. The agreement may be terminated before the end of the third year or season by either party giving the required notice.

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